Rethinking How to Handle 
the Refugee Crisis


We Can Do Better

For Children, For Families, For Humanity

The refugee crisis has hit a high mark with over 117 million people displaced and it is stretching the capabilities and willingness of nations.  Many of which are showing a heroic effort toward humanity, however like a boy heroically plugging the holes in a dike with his fingers, it is an effort that will fail.  Like the rush of water that comes with the failing dike, a nationalistic wave is being felt worldwide and will only grow more violent and common.

It is up to use to help find a better way.  It is up to use because nobody else is doing it.

What we do

Never Forget the only thing that has ever changed the world is people working to change it.

Brain Storming Ideas

Phase Zero is one idea but we need to find more.  In fact Phase Zero is very 'pie in the sky.'  It will take a lot of time and money to make it happen.  We need more 'NOW' ideas.  

NOW ideas can be done for low cost or with little effort and can be done quickly.

Doing What We  Can

While we shoot for the sky we can help on the ground.  Whether that is by supplying medical equipment or helping with food and care packages.  It doesn't matter because anything we give is something more than what they had.

It has been estimated that up to 80% of donations go to the non profits and NGO's instead of the needy.   We can do better.

Lobby for Sensible Actions

This is not about immigration.  It is not about Illegal aliens.  It is not about right or left.  All we want is for sensible decisions to be made.  We will lobby for those actions in every country and at the UN.  Any place change can be made!


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