The First Idea-Subject to Change

Advantage- Drains all externally displaced refugee and all border camps.  Virtually eliminates the immigration crisis!

Disadvantage-Very "Pie in the Sky"  This plan requires $50 billion but the actual problem is acquiring land as an independent country. 

The first plan is the brainchild of our founder, but everyone knows it is not perfect.  In fact, it is easy to find problems with it.  We are, therefore, open to any idea that can work or help.   There may be better ideas and Phaze Zero Inc shall look at all ideas with no partisan bias.  We will reject 3-to-5-word plans that do nothing but boost political positions and work for real solutions.

A 95-page plan has been created which consists of 4 phases 0-3 plus one.  Phase Zero of the plan has another 104 pages so far explaining it. This plan can save a large number of people from a life of despair while relieving countries of the border crisis.  It is not perfect and of course all dollar values are estimates!

Phase 0 has the goal of establishing a 501c corporation and getting a non-governmental organization (NGO) designation to obtain the land as a separate country and to do beginning environmental and planning work. The expenditures are for staff, travel, lobbying, design work and land purchases. It can be tranched with $8,800,000 for admin and $241,200,000 for later land purchases and lobbying promise costs is set as a place holder.  The first $2,300,000 can also be tranched, off the $8,800,000, for 5 month planning and lobbying period.  

Phase 1 is the initial construction of utilities, transportation and housing.  This phase introduces the first 45,000 immigrants to the country with many being hired to do the construction and to support the population as it grows.  It is important to note that the immigrants are being hired to fill very specific positions at this point and are bringing family with them so initial infrastructure must be completed by contractors as part of Phase 1.

Phase 2 is where the main construction of the cities, government, schools, medical and recreation facilities occur.  Most of the steady population is established by the end of Phase 2.  Workers are taxed throughout the phase at 20% and have a $500-$750-month family housing cost. The priority of the taxes received is for government services such as medical, education, police, etcetera.  The population by the end of Phase 2 will be 4,316,000.  

Phase 3 completes the initial construction and boosts the economic engine.  The end of the phase population would be 6,000,000.  The government would be completely functioning and elections scheduled before the end of the phase.  The military would be established in this phase.    


Engineer, Design, Plan 

Design a whole new country, Land Cities, Economy, Homes-EVERYTHING!  Then fund it!


Construct the cities and national infrastructure

The Future

Give a home for refugees





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